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Shortcut Romeo (2013)

Shortcut Romeo (2013)

Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh) a good for nothing youth, who throws his weight around his house with his violent attitude. One day in a fit of rage, he injures his younger brother, following which he is sent off from Goa to Mumbai to his uncle’s house. Suraj chances upon a couple indulging in love making on the lawns of a golf course. He has this act shot on a video camera. He then finds out that it is an extramarital affair and that the lovers Monica(Ameesha Patel)and Ashish are rich. Despite Monica’s offering large sums of money for the tape, Suraj refuses to part with it. His demand is much greater. He wants an assurance from her that she will provide him a luxurious life throughout his life. Monica has no choice; she succumbs to Suraj’s blackmail and Suraj foots his holiday in Kenya along with his friends. Monica at every stage of the bilking process tries to outsmart Suraj; the battle of wits is on. Suraj meets Sherry (Puja Gupta) a rich but lonely girl and falls in love with her. Thats when he begins to realize that there are things more important than money in life. The cat and mouse game between Monica and Suraj, and the way one alternately checkmates the other in every round goes on till Rahul (Monica’s husband) hires a private detective. Does Suraj join with Sherry? Does Monica free herself from the clutches of the blackmailer? Sherry gets caught as a victim in this cross-fire. Or does the husband punish Suraj? The later part of the story ends with interesting twist and turns.

Shortcut Romeo (2013) - DVDSCR – Hindi Movie – Watch Online


Movie: Shortcut Romeo (2013)

Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Pooja Gupta, Amisha Patel

Lanquage: Hindi

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

English Subtitle: No




Shortcut Romeo (2013) - DVDSCR – Online – Part 1

Shortcut Romeo (2013) - DVDSCR – Online - Part 2

Shortcut Romeo (2013) - DVDSCR – Online - Part 3

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Shortcut Romeo (2013) - DVDSCR – Watch Online[/box_light]

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