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Orma Mathram (2011)

Orma Mathram (2011)

Madhu Kaithapram’s Orma Mathram is a film that stars off with a whole lot of promise, but ends up totally disoriented half way through. It has Dileep playing Ajayan, a clerk at an advocate’s office, who takes up editing assignments as well to make both ends meet. Married to Safiya (Priyanka), he is happy and the couple decides not to have another child, since Deepu (Sidharth) their only son deserves all their unshared love.
And life is good, until Deepu goes missing one fine day. Thereafter, Ajayan’s search for his lost son becomes as unsettled as the film itself. The few strands that had tied the tale together initially snap, and it lies scattered all over making lesser and lesser sense as the moments pass by.

Orma Mathram (2011) DVD w/ Eng Sub – Watch Online
Movie: Orma Mathram (2011)
Lanquage: Malayalam
Genre: Drama, Thriller
English Subtitle: Yes


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