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Happy Happy Ga (2010)

Happy Happy Ga (2010)
Santhosh (Varun Sandesh) is an orphan who lives along with his 4 friends and he pins his livelihood with a business of wishing the people with a bouquet on behalf of his customers. He names his team as ‘Cartoon Guys’ where his friends dress up like cartoon characters while wishing people. Santhosh wishes to love a girl and settle his life with her. But no girl loves him. Accidentally he encounters a girl Pooja (Vega) and falls in her love. He wishes to propose her but knowing that Pooja has no positive opinion on love factor, he keeps silent. He decides to nurture his love slowly and get close to her. But unexpectedly another girl Priya (Saranya Mohan) gets force from Pooja to love Santhosh. Why so? That forms the first twist in the story. Eventually after several twists and turns, the movie comes to climax. With whom Santhosh ties up at last- Pooja or Priya, or none? That has to be watched on screen.

Happy Happy Ga (2010) w/ Eng Sub – DVD – Watch Online
Movie: Happy Happy Ga (2010)
Cast: Varun Sandesh
Lanquage: Telugu
Genre: Drama, Romance
English Subtitle: Yes


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  1. May 30th, 2011 8:19

    the full movie online link and the video it was linked to are no more.